Digital Marketing For Rookies


If you were to compare my resume with that of my colleagues at Dominate The Digital, you would see that Digital Marketing isn’t necessarily my expertise. It’s all fairly new to me, but alas, I recently had an epiphany…

After years of panel programming, researching and writing the content, working with speakers and mercilessly pestering them on social media to promote their involvement with whichever event I’m working on, I realized I AM A DIGITAL MARKETER! It’s a naturally inherent thing. I just take my content and make it a little… Snappier. If you’ve ever received an email from me, you know I enjoy the long form of writing. My emails or even texts can often resemble War and Peace because I share every little detail of the circumstance I am connecting with you about, down to what I ate that day and outlining what cool things my cats are doing. They do so many cool things.

Truth be told, living in this digital age, we all have this newly mutated social media gene. It’s just a matter of using the varying channels to connect with people professionally, going beyond staying in touch with friends and family. Herein lies the tools I am looking to learn because now I’m not just representing myself, but myself as a brand and that of my company (follow Evogage Productions on Facebook pretty please!)

I’ve learned the following things over the past few years:

  1. It all blends together – Marketing, digital or otherwise all stems from the content creators, sales and sponsorship leads and the operational masters. All the team members in addition to the marketers likely use social media to promote whatever the content may be. If you’re a solo act and do it all, good for you! Show off.
  2. Keep it short, simple and oh so sweet – Twitter’s 140 character count is incredibly challenging for longwinded folks such as myself, but it’s crucial to capture the audience’s attention. Case in point, I’m a skimmer, not a reader. I get the guts and move on. As a marketer, you need to present the content that way.
  3. Have a distinct voice – This is basic life advice, but honestly, if you are branding yourself, speak like you do every day (maybe eliminating the swearing and inappropriate jokes in my case,) only censor when necessary. If you’re writing as a brand, embody it, be engaging, bold and fun if it allows.

All the other stuff, like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I get the concept thanks to a Google search, but I don’t know a thing about how to achieve. Creating an online community beyond inviting all your friends to like your company’s Facebook page? I haven’t a clue. With that being said, I will give myself credit for learning all that I have thus far, which really has been a default of all my other work experiences.

However, some people live and breathe Digital Marketing and that is who we are bringing to Dominate The Digital. We want to come to your community and work with the pros in your area to help bring you a fresh insight into how to promote you and/or your brand. Starting in Durham where there is such strong industry growth, I personally look forward to learning from the experts we have joining us and implement their tips and tricks into my own professional practice. But no, you won’t ever see me working as a digital marketer full-time. I get too focused on seeing the likes grow on the Facebook page, so on that note, follow Dominate The Digital on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn too!

-Emma Norton, Evogage Productions

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