Darnley Greson II
Darnley Greson II, Darn IT Group

Are you aware of your cybersecurity blindspot? Cybercrime is already on the radar of all businesses, yes with this information overload SMB’s are wondering if they will be targets. Don’t find out the hard way, create your cyber fire plan. In this webinar, we will be engineering your mindset to become cyber aware and cyber secure. Learn about today’s threats, best practices, human firewalls, and how you can practically use this knowledge. Don’t be afraid, dominate the cybercrime, educate yourself, and protect your business.

Author: Darnley Greson II

Darnley Greson Jr is the founder of Darn IT Group. He is a keynote speaker on cybersecurity for small to medium business, and an advocate on cyber awareness. In his previous career, he has worked in various verticals; education, finance, medical, national security, and retail for over a decade. He has spoken for various institutions: The Globe and Mail, Ontario Chambers, and various professional organizations. When he is not fighting cyber crime, Darnley enjoys volunteering his time helping families protect themselves against cybercrime.