How to Attend a Digital Media Roadshow

How to Attend a Social Media Roadshow

How to Attend a Social Media Roadshow

Hey! We’re so glad you stopped by. If this is your first time attending a digital media conference, we’ve got some pro tips and tricks for you to make the most of it before, after and during the roadshow.

Keep your smart phone turned on.

Here at Dominate the Digital, we know that the usual drone of “All mobile devices must be turned off” is a staple for any and all presentations, meetings and conferences, but we encourage you to stay connected! In order to foster a digital media presence, one must become active in digital media spaces. Just like taking up a new hobby, we want you to use Dominate the Digital as a day-long experience of practicing your digital media skills, new and old. Tweet away, take photos and videos for Instagram, SnapChat and Periscope and, of course, tag all your friends on Facebook along with our hashtag, #dominatethedigital. Follow us across the board so we can stay tuned with your experience too! Just remember to keep those phones on silent – that’s all we ask!

Do your research!

We’ve got an amazing line up of speakers, sponsors and exhibitors with a variety of digital media experiences behind them! Take a look through who will be featured beforehand so you can make a conscious plan about who you want to speak with at #DominateTheDigital. Which leads us to…

Set a conscious networking goal and stick to it.

Are you the type to hit the ground running or do you like to have a plan? Networking can be terrifying, especially if it’s a new skill you are learning. In order to make the most out of this event, we encourage you to create a SMART Goal and stick with it. If you want to meet 3 new people throughout the day, that’s a great start. But how about considering an even more targeted networking plan. Why not push to meet one new social media professional, one web designer and one SEO professional? Chances are, you’ll meet even more people than you planned.

Carve out time for networking with other attendees and digital experts.

We understand the value of one-to-one, face-to-face communication so we’ve created a number of opportunities to connect with our event partners and speakers. By planning ahead for who you want to meet, you will be able to actively seek out professionals who peak your interest. With our interactive platforms, you will have access to their time and their knowledge. Stay tuned for more details.

Bring light snacks and a water bottle.

So, this might be a staple, but we wanted you to know: We’re going to be learning a WHOLE lot on conference day. Keep your energy high with healthy nutrients and always stay hydrated. Lunch is not included, however complimentary coffee, tea and water will be available at all venues.

Fill your pack with business cards.

This may seem like common knowledge, but how many times have you forgotten to bring a small stack from your collection of 1000+ business cards? Grab a large amount for the day. We are expecting 200 people and if you aren’t into the whole business card thing, consider what promotional items you’d like to bring along with you.

What else to bring – you know, just in case:

  • A light sweater – in case it gets cool
  • Mints – for fresh networking breath
  • A camera – for those who feel extra photogenic
  • A notebook and pen – take notes & stay accountable for your networking goal! It’s also a good strategy to take notes on new people you’ve met and new skills you’ve learned.

What would you add to this list? Comment below!

Author: Sue Sutcliffe, The Web Coach

Sue Sutcliffe is a Canadian Digital Marketing Trainer and Internet pioneer whose passion for innovative and strategic marketing shine through every seminar, workshop and webinar experience, leaving audiences feeling energized and empowered.