Podcast or briefcast? Join Jason Perrier, Teri Fisher and Christian Karasiewicz to learn why small businesses are embracing voice technology in increasing numbers and how you can too!

Joining the podcast industry in 2015, Jason Perrier dove into producing and started his own production company, Phizzy Studios. The studio provides podcast services ranging from production and editing to consulting to help get podcasts off the ground. His resume includes podcasts like The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B, Moolala: Money Made Sense with Bruce Sellery, Psychobabble, Only In Toronto as well as Prosper from Advisors Edge among others.
Teri Fisher
Dr Teri Fisher is a Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He is an experienced TEDx and keynote speaker, educator, marketer, podcaster, and briefcaster who loves sharing his excitement and passion for artificial intelligence and voice-first technology. Dr. Fisher has a particular interest in the use of voice technology for marketing. He is the founder of Alexa in Canada, the leading Amazon Alexa resource for Canadians; and Briefcast.FM, the premier Flash Briefing network. Dr. Fisher is the host of the weekly “Alexa in Canada” Podcast and the daily "Voice in Canada" Flash Briefing, the #1 rated Amazon Alexa Briefing and News Skill in Canada, where he helps to facilitate voice-first technology literacy and helps others to discover how artificial intelligence and voice-first technology is revolutionizing our lives. He is also the host of “Voice First Health”, the leading podcast that highlights the rapidly expanding intersection of healthcare and voice-first technologies. He has been a featured guest on numerous technology podcasts and he is a frequently sought-after speaker about marketing, healthcare, and voice.
Christian Karasiewicz
Christian Karasiewicz is a consultant and public speaker on social media, Internet marketing, and technology. He is the founder of Social Chefs, a company providing social media marketing training to businesses. He is also the host of #SocialChatter, the Internet’s longest-running weekly live social media marketing talk show. With over thirteen years of experience across social media, e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO), Internet marketing, and related technologies, Christian strives to help individuals and businesses create meaningful social media campaigns to connect and engage with their customers and keep those customers coming back. Christian has created social media campaigns and strategies for Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM, General Dynamics,, government agencies, and more. He specializes in working with small- to medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries including online retailers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, musicians, athletes, defense contractors, news organizations, fashion designers, and jewelry artists.
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