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Robert (Bob) Weese

Please meet Robert (Bob) Weese who will be our Emcee for Dominate The Digital on Oct. 2, 2019

Robert (Bob) Weese

Bob Weese is the co-founder of B2B Sales Connections Inc., He has helped his clients increase their income, earn millions of $ in revenue and secure investment funding. He works with entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals to generate more leads, reducing the time buyers spend making decisions, resulting in more closed sales, FASTER.

Bob started his professional career as an ON-AIR broadcaster then moved into radio advertising sales and then sales training. For more than 20 years he traveled across North America teaching thousands of business professionals the art and science of business growth. His 90-day coaching program has resulted in customers increase the average sale value by 20 to 30%, reduce discounting, and double closing rates.

Clients of his Business Presentation Skills program have appeared on CBC’s Dragons’ Den signing millions of dollars in investment deals. He regularly speaks at conferences, tradeshows, and business events and is always an engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking speaker.

Bob is an expert at developing and executing sales strategies and tactics. His focus is on helping local business owners, entrepreneurs and start-up companies increase their sales revenues to build a healthy, sustainable business. He does this through on-site training, 1-1 and group virtual mastermind coaching programs.

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