Get ranked in Google’s Top 10 on searches. Long-term marketers Rob Ragusa and Louie Pateropoulous tell you how to BEST the search engines.

Louie Pateropoulos
COO/Partner – DIT Web Solutions Inc.
Louie is an out-of-the-box thinker, he began breaking the mould of traditional advertising
20 years ago – by inventing new marketing techniques to help companies, crash through
the traditional marketing ceiling. The result was an explosion in sales leads which
helped organizations achieve “number-one” status in the country.
Louie consults with individuals and businesses on a daily basis, advising them on
promotion and marketing solutions/techniques for their industry and products. His
international based studies in Public Relations and Marketing, coupled with hands on
experience as the domestic based partner of “On Target Research”, provide a
panoramic perspective for organizations seeking growth.
Rob Ragusa
Owner & Chief Public Officer – DIT Web Solutions Inc.
Rob started DIT a number of years ago and is dedicated to the communications industry and helping organizations grow – utilizing traditional and digital marketing techniques.
He has worked with both domestic and international clients providing them with valuable advise and expertise to help grow and expand their business’s.
Rob developed DIT to produce the most engaging online experiences for all clients – using cutting edge technology to ensure that their online exposure is a solid one.
He works closely with the DIT and team the client utilizing the latest technologies including proprietary products to create an out-of-this-world experience online.
Rob alway strives to offer more than requested – ensuring a positive experience while focused on the growth and success.
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